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BlogPoll Ballot, Week 4

Studying for tests and a sprained right ankle has temporarily altered my lifestyle as of recently, so I apologize for the lack of posts here lately.

This week, I threw out most of my BlogPoll ballott from last week and started from scratch, which is probably one of the reasons I cracked the Top 5 for the Maniac Depressive Award. If Badger Sports would have remembered to include Florida (whoops) I would probably be walking away with the trophy. Another reason could be because I idiotically forgot Ohio State. That would explain why I have 24 teams listed in the ballot. Next time I need to take a couple more minutes to make sure I recreated my ballot the way I want it.

So, back to my reasoning for throwing out the old ballot. Although it's only the fourth week of College Football (The Beavers are 2-2, right?), it felt like I was moving winning teams up and losing teams down, with no rhyme or reason as to who they were playing (ex, Idaho State) or how they played (ex, Arizona State). My intentions for this poll, as always, is that a higher ranked team should beat a lower ranked team on any given day. Now, I realize that every team is structured differently, but that is the golden rule I try to base polls off of. Now, my ballot for Week 4:

And while I'm thinking about it, if anyone has yet to see the LSU fake field goal, you have to check it out. I swear, once I found it on YouTube, I sat and watched it on full screen, full volume in repeat mode for a solid ten minutes. Check it out: