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Open Thread :: Oregon State at Arizona State

We're less than an hour away from kick-off of Pac-10 play...

Oregon State


Arizona State

(2-1)   (3-0)

Some people that need to step up tonight:

Sean Canfield. Sean threw for 353 yards last week, but that was against Idaho State, a team that let Oregon State's wide receivers run wide open all over the place. Things will be different tonight, as Arizona State will look to establish a strong pass rush and secondary. Sean's goal should be no interceptions tonight. Do that, and we're in good shape.

The Offensive Line. They've been embarrassed with their last two performances--  Yvenson Bernard has rushed for less than 100 yards combined in both games. They've sheltered themselves from the media both weeks. We're going to need some good blocking for Yvenson if we want a shot at winning tonight's game, so the big boys up front will definitely play a role.

Sammie Stroughter. He looked good last week, but again, that was against Idaho State. We should see (or hear... dangit) if he's for real tonight.

The Secondary. They let Idaho State throw the ball around quite a bit last week, and a performance like that won't hold up against Rudy Carpenter and the rest of the Sun Devil offense. No big plays tonight. No. Big. Plays.

Obviously, tonight will be the first meeting of Dennis Erickson and Mike Riley. It's been a popular story in the news this week, but really, this is just another football game for both guys, and that's the way they're treating the game tonight. With class.