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Week 3 BlogPoll Analysis

Here is the way the blogosphere ranked the teams this week:

Rank Team Delta
1 LSU (34) --
2 Southern Cal (27) 1
3 Oklahoma (1) 1
4 Florida (3) --
5 West Virginia --
6 California 1
7 Ohio State 4
8 Penn State --
9 Texas 3
10 Oregon 4
11 Boston College 8
12 Wisconsin 3
13 Rutgers --
14 South Carolina 3
15 Alabama 11
16 Clemson 4
17 Kentucky 9
18 South Florida 3
19 Texas A&M 7
20 Missouri 4
21 Louisville 11
22 Georgia 4
23 Virginia Tech 2
24 Hawaii 2
25 Cincinnati 1

Also Receiving Votes: Nebraska, Arkansas, Arizona State, Georgia Tech, Michigan State, Purdue, Air Force, Texas Tech, Kansas, Washington, Miami (Florida), UCLA, Tulsa, Tennessee, Troy State,

Total Ballots: 65

Brian pointed some of this out in his post, but here is my analysis:

  • The AP and the USA Today Poll both have USC at #1 by a large margin. But the BlogPoll puts LSU at #1, even after USC knocked off Nebraska. To me it looks like the early bye week hurt the Trojans in the poll, but LSU has been playing some good football.
  • Oregon cracks the Top 10 in the BlogPoll, while they're hovering around 13 in almost every other poll.
  • Texas managed to beat UCF on Saturday, but they managed to drop three spots in the process. The Horns are 3-0, but it hasn't been pretty.
  • Apparently, BlogPollsters don't like Hawaii, because they're one of the last teams in. The Warriors have shown no signs of slowing down behind Colt Brennan, even though they barely beat Louisiana Tech in Week 2. It took them an overtime to come out with a 45-44 win in that game.
  • The Beavers still aren't receiving any love from the Pollsters, but if they can go down to Tempe and win for the first time in (how long? 38 years?), the Beavers will start to show up in the Polls.
  • By the way, UCLA is now sitting at 37th in the poll. Washington is ahead of them now, which worries me. The Beavers were picked to finish fifth in the Pac-10 behind USC, Cal, UCLA, and Arizona State. UCLA is out of the equation for the time being now, but now insert Washington (predicted 9th) and Oregon (predicted 6th), and the Beavers are getting shoved farther and farther down the ladder every week. But it also means the Pac-10 is becoming more of a stacked conference every week. However you want to look at it.