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Pac-10 Predictions, Week 1 and 2 Roundup

If it wouldn't have been for the Huskies, who I didn't give enough credit against Syracuse, I would have ran the table in Week 1. But thanks to Jake Locker and the rest of the Huskies, I was sitting 8-for-9 after Week 1. I correctly picked the Beavers over the Utes, UCLA over Stanford, Wisconsin over Washington State, Oregon over Houston, BYU over Arizona, Cal over Tennessee, Arizona State over San Jose State, and USC over Idaho.

But even a blind, deaf mute could do that.

It got a bit tougher in Week 2, when once again, I underestimated the Huskies against Boise State, and couldn't quite put enough faith in the Ducks to pick them to knock off Michigan in the Big House. Also, the Beavers big loss to Cincinnati wasn't on my radar.  That adds up to 5-for-8 on Week 2. Count 'em: Cal over Colorado State, UCLA over BYU, Washington State over San Diego State, Arizona State over Colorado, and Arizona over Northern Arizona.  

Add it all up, and I'm currently 13/17. Seventy-six percent. That's a C.

Meanwhile, Peter over at Burnt Orange Nation is sitting comfortably at 59th in the Nation in a real contest- ESPN's College Football Pick'em. It reminds me of a time one of my ESPN March Madness  brackets was on the front page of the ESPN Leaderboard after the first few days. That bracket probably ended up on the last page by the end of March.