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Saturday Afternoon Quick Hits

Today's quick hits are coming to you from the coastal town of Garibaldi-- we're spending the night here then going fishing in the morning.

  • It's the first real day of college football, and already things are getting interesting. In what some people are calling the biggest upset of college football history, Appalachian State beat Michigan 34-32 in the Big House earlier today. If you are as unfamiliar with Appalachian State as Michigan apparently, this clip will tell you all you need to know.


  • Notre Dame also took a hit today, losing 33-3 to Georgia Tech. So now the question is... would you rather be Lloyd Carr of Michigan, or Charlie Weis of Notre Dame?
  • It's Cal and Tennessee that's interesting me now. Both offenses are electric early, but it was Cal's defense that got the first score of the game. It should be a good finish. We will have to see how former Hillsboro High School QB Eric Ainge does with two of his fingers taped together down the stretch.
  • The Ducks search for head baseball coach ended today when they announced the hiring of Cal State Fullerton's George Horton. He's a great coach that has set many records with the Titans. Pat Casey and George Horton squared off on the diamond a few months ago in Omaha. It was the Beavers that prevailed 3-2. Fullerton ended up going two and out in the CWS.

    Horton will now be shuffling lineup cards in Eugene.

  • Jeremy Perry will be out for six weeks or so after he suffered a lower leg injury in the fourth quarter of Thursday's game. He exited jubilantly on a cart, and I was thinking they were just taking extra precautions and taking Jeremy in for some tests. The game was basically over at that point, and his injury didn't really effect the game. I hate to see him have to sit out for so long after spending some time on the bench last season with injuries. But Utah took some bigger hits to their depth chart than that-- thier starting quarterback, best running back, and a handful of others.
  • Looks like the breakdown of the second half of the OSU/ Utah game won't be coming today. Look for it on Monday.