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Fall Practice Report: Day 1, 2, and 3

We're three practices into camp, and although there have been positives as well as negatives, there's plenty of both.  First of all, the negatives:

  • Five guys are already having issues. You know about Coye Francies and Micah Strickland, but backup tailback Clinton Polk isn't at practice yet, and either is linebacker Eric Moala Liava'a. But the biggest news of camp so far is the departure of sophomore punter Kyle Loomis. He left for "personal reasons", and hasn't said much more than that since his departure.  Last year he averaged 41.3 yards a kick, (he was a 60-yarder or shank kind of guy, it all evens out) and really improved towards the end of the season. Alexis will take over the duties at punter for right now. I don't know how I feel about that, but I'll get to that in a subsequent post.

Well, I guess there weren't that many negatives, but still a few big blows. The positives:

  • Quarterback. Lyle Moevao has been impressing the staff, and Riley may have a tougher decision to make than he first thought. Canfiled still has the strong arm and larger frame going for him, but Moevao is still impressing. As for Gunderson, well, it's hard to tell. He must enjoy being Riley's right hand man to stick around this long.
  • Everyone else. All the players that were expected to stand out (Stroughter, Bernard, etc.) seem to be doing well. We haven't had any Rhett Bomar-esque incidents yet, which is a good thing. The line is good, and I'm excited about our overall defense, even though we lose Coye. The receivers are good, and some young guys are impressing the staff.
  • Reser Somewhat unrelated, but it's hard  to think about the upcoming season without thinking about how much the second phase of the Reser expansion is going to add to the atmosphere of college football in Corvallis. That was a nice run-on sentence.
That's all I have for now-- I'm sure there will be more stories to tell after today's practice. Hopefully, for the better. Again, knock on wood, chew on wood, whatever.