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Utah :: Drive by Drive, Play by Play (1st Half)

Oregon State attempted to break in two new quarterbacks last night, and here is a look at how they fared in the first half. I'll get the second half drives up tomorrow morning.

Drive Quarterback Quarter Time Yardline Plays Yards Result
1 Canfield 1 13:22 OSU 42 3 8 Punt

Yvenson was stuffed on the first play of the game, but got a short gain on second down. A short swing pass was completed between Sean Canfield and Yvenson Bernard, but it wasn't good enough for a first down. Already we see the coaches sticking to their guns, as all three plays of the 3 & out involved Yvenson. Serna came in on fourth down for his OSU punting debut, a 17 yard shank off the right side of his foot. He seemed to never look back after what he experienced at LSU his freshman year as placekicker, now we'll see what he can do with the title of punter now next to his name.

Drive Quarterback Quarter Time Yardline Plays Yards Result
2 Canfield 1 8:52 OSU 29 3 -8 Punt

On first down Canfield was sacked for a loss of eight, then misfired on a ball to Chris Johnson on second down. Third down involved a questionable call on a deep pass to Chris Johnson down the sideline. The ball seemed catchable if Johnson wouldn't have been held up by a member of the Ute secondary. Serna got a 37 yard boot off on his second attempt, so we were already seeing progress out of Alexis.

Drive Quarterback Quarter Time Yardline Plays Yards Result
3 Canfield 1 3:58 OSU 18 5 21 Punt

James Rodgers pulled a very nice 17 yard run around the outside to pick up a quick first down. Yvenson Bernard almost matched him on the second play of the drive, rushing for 14 yards to the outside. However, it was called back on a holding penalty. Center Kyle DeVan was the culprit. On first and 16, Canfield went to Gabe Miller for a pick-up of ten yards. Sean had Anthony Brown open on second down, but he dropped the pass. On third down, Sean went to Anthony yet again, and again, he dropped a pass that literally hit him in the facemask. This forced Alexis Serna onto the field for the third time of the game to punt. This time, it was a 32 yarder.

Drive Quarterback Quarter Time Yardline Plays Yards Result
4 Both 1 0:58 OSU 3 3 18 Interception

The decision was made before the game that Sean Canfield would get the first quarter, and Lyle Moevao would get the second, so when the Beavers fourth drive began in the first quarter and leaked over to the second, the coaches held true to their decision. Sean completed a 15 yard pass to Chris Johnson on first down from his own 2 yard line, then Yvenson went up the middle for three. The clock hit 0:00 on this play, so when the teams changed sides on the field, the Beavers changed quarterbacks as well. I know the coaches made their mind up before the game, but I don't like decision to throw Lyle into his first career game at Oregon State on a 2nd and 7 play. He proceeded to throw an interception on his very first play from scrimmage, which appeared to be a miscommunication between Lyle and his receiver, Brandon Powers. This interception lead to a Utah touchdown that would end up being their only touchdown of the game, but OSU was not in a comfortable situation at this point of the game.

Drive Quarterback Quarter Time Yardline Plays Yards Result
5 Moevao 2 13:26 50 3 0 Punt

Lyle Moevao didn't make the best impression on Beaver fans on his first drive, and he didn't on his second either. Yvenson went up the middle for two yards on the first play, but then a delay of game call due to poor clock management by Lyle set the Beavers up with 2nd and 13. Yvenson displayed some shake-n-bake moves on second down, giving his best effort for a great 8 yard run. On 3rd and 5 Lyle pulled out from under center too early, his second penalty in three plays. His third down passing attempt was batted down by the Utah defensive line, a side effect of his short frame.

Drive Quarterback Quarter Time Yardline Plays Yards Result
6 Moevao 2 8:54 OSU 42 11 58 Touchdown

Beaver fans were probably not all that pleased with Lyle at this point, and he probably wasn't that pleased with himself. He would, however, lead the Beavers on a scoring drive, but it was a drive dominated by Yvenson Bernard. Five consecutive runs by Yvenson resulted in 23 yards and two first downs. The Beavers looked to the air on the sixth play of the drive, by Gabe Miller dropped a pass right in his hands. It was the Beavers third drop of the night, something that wasn't helping the young quarterbacks out. On second down Bernard picked up 2 yards on a swing pass around the outside, which left the Beavers with 3rd and 8 at Utah's 33. Third down resulted in another drop for the Beaver receivers, their fourth of the night. This time it was Darrell Catchings, the true freshman that got to play after the coaches decided not to redshirt him. It was now 4th and 8 on Utah's 33, but the Beavs decided to go for it. They went right back to Catchings, and this time he picked up 17 yards and the first down. The Beavers were a perfect 3 for 3 on fourth downs. It took only two Yvenson Bernard rushes to score from the Utah 17, and after Serna's extra point, the game was tied at 7.

Drive Quarterback Quarter Time Yardline Plays Yards Result
7 Moevao 2 2:04 OSU 8 4 13 End of Half

The Beavers got the ball back again near the end of the first half, but again their backs were to their own end zone. At this point the Beavers would be happy for a 7-7 tie at the half, so they went to Bernard four times up the middle, and that ended the half.



Again, the second half is coming tomorrow.