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Utah: Keys to the Game

balance, and building off the rushing attack. Yvenson Bernard needs to have a good start to the season if we want any hope of staying the game. Hopefully our passing attack, lead by our two young quarterbacks, is strong enough to keep Utah's defense honest, and we can gain yards easily on the ground and in the air.

The defensive key to the game is controlling Utah's spread attack. We saw it last year against a number of teams, (Oregon, Hawaii, Missouri, etc.) and we weren't that bad against it. Our secondary is more experienced as a whole this year, minus the loss of Sabby Piscitelli at safety. However, I fully expect Afalava, Payton, and Drayton to pick up right where No. 24 left off.

Defense isn't nearly as big as a concern as offense, it's really just a matter of how well Utah's offense plays. Brian Johnson is back at the helm after sitting out all of 2006, and they return several talented receivers. Running back could be an issue, as Ray Stowers is now the starter after Matt Asiata was injured in camp. Asiata will still be a factor, but his injury should still affect his game.

Feel free to chime in with your pre-game thoughts in the thread below.