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Sunday Night Ketchup

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A very busy week hasn't allowed me much time to post, so here is an attempt to tie up the lose ends:

  • In perhaps the most exciting news of the week, Sammie showed up on the practice field Friday. He could have been testing the waters or just taking a break from his personal life, but the true test will be to see if Sammie is at practice this week. But again, lets give the man his space.
  • I told you about the "Name the Board" contest last week. Now, some of the top entries have been released. My favorite is "DamCam" by a landslide, but you have to admire the creativity of the person who came up with "eGNAWmous board."
  • The basketball team is currently off touring Europe. They'll play six games there, but an outsider might assume that it's more of a recruiting trip than anything else. After all, we've seen that Jay John likes to tap in to the talent coming out of Europe.
  • As of tomorrow, it's officially Week 1, and we'll devote much of our time to previewing the Utes. Expect the first installment in the morning.