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Jacoby Watch :: August 17 vs. Angels


It was Jacoby's Triple-A friend Clay Buchholz who led the Red Sox to victory over the Angles in Game 1 of their doubleheader today. Now it's Jacoby's turn to help out Boston, as he will lead off and play center field in Game 2 of the doubleheader. Bucholtz was activated for the first game, and he will be sent back to Triple-A Pawtuckett after the game to make room for Ellsbury. Jacoby, who will be playing in his seventh career Major League game, is hitting .375 in the pros.

Like I said, he'll lead off an play center field. The game starts at 4:05 Pacific Time, which is less than a half hour away.

Bottom First:

Jacoby comes to the plate to lead things off for the Red Sox. He takes Ball 1 for a strike on the outside corner. Three straight balls pushed the count to 3-1. Jacoby fouled off the next pitch which was low in the zone for strike 2 to load the count. The payoff pitch was grounded to third base, and Jacoby was retired.

Bottom Fourth:

Jacoby is again leading off, but this time in the bottom of the fourth. Ervin Santana still on the hill. The first pitch is in there for a strike. Little inside. Next pitch is low and on the knees, ball one. Next pitch is hit back to the pitcher, Ervin throws over to first to record the out. The Red Sox haven't got a hit yet.

Bottom Six:

In Jacoby's third at-bat, he fouled of two pitches, took once for a strike, and lined the forth pitch to the shortstop. That puts him at 0-for-3 on the game, and the Red Sox are trailing the Angels 2-0.

Bottom Eighth: Jacoby came up to the plate with a man on first and one out with the Red Sox trailing 4-1. His first two pitches were high and outside, and his next to pitches were low and inside, good enough for a four pitch walk. Jacoby would eventually score on a David Ortiz double, part of a four run Boston inning. The Red Sox would eventually lose, however, by a score of 7-5.

Wrap-up Jacoby's 0-3 night moved his MLB batting average to .316. He still hasn't struck out in his 19 at-bats, which any aspiring everyday player would have to be proud of. He's got four runs on six hits.

Jacoby went back down to Triple-A Pawtuckett after the game, but he is expected to come back to Boston when the rosters expand on September 1st.