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Practice Report :: Day 8

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With the scrimmage coming later today, I need to wrap up this week of practices before the scrimmage hits. Just some quick notes:

  • You probably read my ramblings on the whole Sammie Stroughter/ Chris Johnson situation. Go back and read it if you haven't, but that continues to be the headline of fall practice. If he hasn't been at practices I doubt he'll show up for the scrimmage, but we'll see. Maybe a day off on Sunday will help him get back to the gridiron on Monday. We can only hope.
  • The defense continues to impress with their depth and overall speed. I don't think we have any worries here.
  • Speaking of Chris Johnson, he continues to make some nice plays. Buker talks about it in his blog post yesterday, as does Cliff Kirkpatrick.
  • Speaking of Cliff Kirkpatrick (Gazette-Times), he says that Mike Riley thinks that Scrimmages are overrated, and mostly young guys will play.  In Cliff's latest post, he also says Riley will redshirt about 20 players, and the Beavers have scheduled a  season opener in 2009 with Portland State.