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Steven Jackson :: St. Louis' Battering Ram

If you paged through this weeks issue of Sports Illustrated, (Barry Bonds hitting 755 on the cover) you probably came across the article on Steven Jackson- and how he is tearing it up with the Rams. The article is quick to point out that Steven outproduced LT last year, (did you know that?) and is becoming one of the NFL's elite rushers. They mention Oregon State a few times, but there's no stories from Jackson's three years here which included the 2002 season in which Jackson set the OSU single season rushing mark at 1,690. Steven spent three years at OSU compared to Ken Simonton's four, so Ken owns most of the career marks, but Steven appears near the top of nearly every Oregon State rushing record.

Here's a crapily scanned version of Steven's spread that starts on page 54 of this week's Sports Illustrated:

You get the idea.