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Jacoby set to play in Futures Game

After his call-up to the major leagues, it looked as if Jacoby wouldn't get a shot at playing in the Futures Game. It takes place today at AT&T Park in San Francisco.

In fact, the roster on still says Jacoby was replaced on the roster after his promotion to the Major Leagues. ESPN still says Jacoby was replaced. But now, we've learned that this is not true.

Futures Game Rosters were sent out on Tuesday, while Jacoby was still playing in Boston. He was removed from the roster at that point, since the game is only for Minor League players that are the "future" of the big leagues. But due to and injury to Tigers' prospect Cameron Maybin, and Jacoby's return to Triple-A, he has a spot on the team.

The game starts at 1:00 Pacific. I'll likely live blog it. Who knows.