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Boston vs. Tampa Bay; Ellsbury takes over for Manny in Left

The Red Sox were on top of the Devil Rays ever since the first inning, when a grand slam by Coco Crisp capped a six run first inning. Seven more runs over the next two innings gave boston a double-didgit lead, prompting Boston manager Terry Francona to sub Jacoby in left field for Manny Ramirez. Jacoby replaced Manny in the starting lineup yesterday, but Manny was back today. We'll track Jacoby's at-bats here:

Sixth Inning:

With Dustin Pedroia and David Ortiz already on base, Jacoby comes to the plate with one out.

Jacoby fouled the first pitch off, then took three straight balls, moving the count to 3-1. He fouled off the fifth pitch he saw to take the count full. He drove the sixth pitch from Tampa Bay pitcher Jason Hammel into left field for a base hit, loading the bases.

Dustin and David would eventually score, but Jacoby was stranded when Coco Crisp grounded into an inning ending double play.

Boston is currently enjoying a 15-3 lead.

Eighth Inning:

Jacoby is due up this inning, but the Red Sox offense is just smoldering right now. They've got this game in the bag, and all their big horses are out of the game.

Here comes Jacoby, two outs. He takes the first pitch he sees from Gary Glover into center field for a base hit. 2-for-2 for Jacoby.

That should do it for Jacoby in this game. I'm headed out of the house, and I'll wrap this game up when I return.