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Ellsbury gets another MLB Start

I should be taking the day off from blogging and be experimenting with fireworks or something, but the Red Sox are playing, and Jacoby's in the lineup. Something about a former Beaver in the majors just makes me want to live blog every game they play in. Anyway, here we go:


Jacoby will be batting seventh(!) and playing left field. Manny Ramirez appears to be getting the day off. The Red Sox will be taking on the Tampa Bay Devils Rays in the second game of the series at Fenway.

Oh, by the way, Jacoby came in for Manny in last night's game. He played left, and didn't get a chance to bat. I don't think he had any balls hit to him, either.

Second Inning:

Facing Tampa Bay starter Edwin Jackson, Jacoby comes to the plate with one out. JD Drew struck out swinging to get the first out of the inning.

The first pitch is a ball outside. Second pitch was a called strike down the middle. The third pitch was a ball inside and at the knees. With a 2-1 count, Jacoby fouled off three strait pitches, taking the count to 2-2. The seventh pitch he saw he hit to the Tampa Bay shortstop Brendan Harris. Harris would throw across the diamond to Carlos Pena for the second out. Doug Mirabelli would strike out swinging to end the inning, and the Red Sox would go down 1-2-3. In his 11 MLB at bats, Jacoby has yet to strike out.

Fourth Inning:

David Ortiz singled to start of the inning, but then JD Drew struck out swinging for the first out. Mike Lowell singled, moving Ortiz to second. Eric Hinske was called out on strikes, recording the second out, and bringing Jacoby to the plate.

The first pitch from Edwin Jackson was called a strike down the middle, and the second pitch was called a ball low and outside. The third pitch was also called a strike, down the middle. The fouth pitch was low and inside, ball 2. 2-2. Jacoby took the next pitch to center field for a double, driving in David Ortiz, and sending Mike Lowell to third. Boom.

With runners on second and third, Doug Mirabelli would single to right field. Lowell would score easily, and Jacoby motored around from second to score, and make it 4-1 Red Sox. Julio Lugo would fly out to end the inning.

Fifth Inning:

With three runners already home in the inning, Jacoby comes to the plate with two on and two out. Another two out opportunity for Jacoby. He's facing Edwin Jackson again.

First pitch was a ball, low and outside. The second pitch was fouled off, and the third pitch was a ball. Jacoby fouled off the fourth pitch as well, and then grounded out to shortstop to end the inning. It's now Boston 7, Tampa Bay 1.

Eighth Inning:

After Eric Hinske struck out, Jacoby hit the second pitch he saw to Tampa Bay shortstop Brendan Harris. Thanks to a four run Tampa Bay seventh inning, the score is now Boston 7, Tampa Bay 5.

Final: Boston 7, Tampa Bay 5

Jacoby went 1-for-4 on the day, and he's now hitting .286. The Red Sox have another home game tomorrow, before they hit the road for a three game road trip to Detroit. After that, it's the All Star Break.