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Monday Morning News and Notes

I had some post-ile dysfunction problems last week, so I'm trying out some new medication to try and fix that this week.

 The Beavers wrapped up their wrestling recruiting the other day, and I'm not much of a know-it-all when it comes to wrestling, but it sounds like we got some pretty good talent. After what coach Jim Zalesky did this year, and after Oregon cuts wrestling after this year, the Beavers could have some success in recruiting as well as on the mat. Yeah, I know nothing about wrestling.

It looks like Oregon State will hold their first "fantasy camp" in late September. It's for those 25 and older, and it includes instruction, dinnner, a roundtable with coaches, and games versus other campers. It's limited to 50 participants. Sounds like a good fundrasier-- at $1,000 a pop, that could be a quick 50,000 for the program. The price does inculde meals and hotels and such, but still.

That's about all that's brewing currently in Corvallis, so let's take a look at the rest of the world of sports:

A lot of people have been getting into trouble recently, including Tim Donaghy and possibly some other NBA officials, Michael Vick, and most recently, Texas Linebacker Sergio Kindle.And I'm sure there is others. Hopefully these incidents will start dying down when practices start, (some already have-- NFL training camps and stuff) and the guys start getting earfuls from their coaches. Hopefully OSU won't have to deal with anything like this in the near future. Knock on wood.

Barry is only one away now.

After losing seven in a row, the Mariners are surging again. They won their 32nd game coming from behind yesterday, the best in Major League Baseball. Ichiro got his 1,500th career hit, and the Mariners did it all wearing some classic throwback uniforms. Lookout Landing is the place to go.

 Ever since sitting directly behind Kevin Gunderson for a game of the College World Series in Omaha, I've wanted to start updating you on the happenings of OSU players in the minor leagues on a somewhat daily basis. It obviously hasn't happened yet, but I want to start. While we're on the subject, Jacoby is on the DL now with a strained groin, and it appears that Mitch still has his medical issues to deal with.