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Live Bloggin' the Dan Spencer Press Conference

Okay, so I was like two minutes late because I didn't allow myself enough time to register an account and watch commercials on the Texas Tech web site.

Looks like the rumors are true. Looks like I might have missed the announcement, but this dude talking right now is making this long talk about Coach Spencer and how great he is and how great Pat Casey is and how great Oregon State's two national championships are... so, looks like he's leaving.

So, in case you didn't know, Texas Tech was last in their conference this year. The guy talking is their current head coach, Larry Hays. And here comes Dan, in a Texas Tech jersey. Not a good sign.

I'll get the audio up in a few minutes, but Dan is talking a lot about recruiting, and what he's anxious to do at Texas Tech. He's talking about how the descion was hard because of the family he has in the Pacific NW.

He sounds like a Texas guy up there at the podium. I'm thinking a Texas Tech/ Oregon State matchup in the coming years. "This is where I belong. I firmly believe that."

I think that quote is the biggest reason Dan left for Texas Tech.

Well, the press conference is over now. I recorded what Dan had to say at the podium, and I'll have it up here as soon as the audio loads.

This is a tough loss for Oregon State. As for who will take over at the helm for our pitchers, we'll just have to wait and see I guess.