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Monday Morning News and Notes

Regarding pitching coach Dan Spencer-- Texas Tech is holding a press conference at 1:00 today, and they've announced that it will regard the baseball program. Now, some news sources are saying that Spencer has already taken the assistant coaching job down in Lubbock, but I dont' see how they could possibly know that. I'm just going to wait until 1:00 (11:00 Corvallis time), and find out during the press conference. He's likely going to go though. I don't see anything holding him back.

Around the world of Sports:

Mark Hargrove of the Mariners left the team yesterday in a very shocking move to players and fans alike. Lookout Landing has everything you need to know.

The All Star Game rosters were announced yesterday, and of the American League starters, only one of them was born and raised in America. Ironic, huh?

The guys over at Posting and Toasting, the SB Nation New York Knicks contingent, have their "Randolph Introduction Thread" up. They're claiming that the trade is "officially a good one." Just wait, New York, just wait...

See you back in an hour or so when we find out about Dan Spencer.