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OSU QB Recruit Jake Gelakoska Acedemically Inelligible

I just get done writing about the history and future of quarterbacks at Oregon State, and then this story pops up on my radar:

Talented OSU QB recruit Jake Gelakoska lost his scholarship due to low test scores on the SAT.

From Mike Cane's article in the Everett, WA Herald:

Quarterback Jake Gelakoska may have taken a permanent detour on his intended journey to Corvallis.

Gelakoska, a 2007 Jackson High School graduate, was forced to give up a football scholarship to Oregon State University because he failed to meet NCAA Division-I academic requirements, Carol Gelakoska, Jake's mom, said Tuesday.

The 6-foot-3, 206-pound QB met the Division-I minimum requirement for grade-point average in his core high school classes, but his SAT score was not high enough, Carol Gelakoska said.

"It was pretty devastating," she said, "but it's not the end of the world."

Now, Gelakoska is considering other options to continue his football career.

Oregon State is still interested in Gelakoska, his mom said. OSU offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Danny Langsdorf advised Gelakoska to enroll in a junior college, take a full load of classes and work on becoming academically eligible. Langsdorf estimated that Gelakoska could eventually make his way to Oregon State by spring 2009, Carol Gelakoska said.