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They're Bringin' Baseball Back

For sure you've heard it by now, but just like Justin Timberlake, the Ducks are bringing something back; baseball.

The analogy: Justin Timberlake is to Sexy as the Ducks are to Baseball. Yikes.

To me, it sounds like the Ducks finally got jealous of our two rings, and decided to build their own team from scratch. To do that, first, you need coaches.

I'm glad that we've got Pat Bailey on our side now, because he could have been high on the Ducks radar. Former Mariner manager Mike Hargrove is probably tanned and rejuvenated by now, so he might be donning the green and yellow.... which reminds me:

What are these guy's uniforms going to look like?? I don't even think I can answer that question.

As of right now, it's looking like the Ducks will play at Eugene's ancient Civic Stadium until they get a stadium built, or renovate Civic, or whatever. Nothing like an off-campus baseball stadium to draw in the fans.

I'm done talking about this... this post is turning into a joke. Maybe that's what I get for trying to write about a joke. Ha.



PS: I almost forgot: in the process, the Ducks will eliminate wrestling, and add women's competitive cheer leading. That's a whole another subject in itself.