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Beavers Get no Love from ESPN, ESPYS

So, we all knew it  before the ESPYS were taped on Wednesday and before they aired last night-- the Beavers weren't nominated for any kind of award.

Now, I realize, the Beavers won their second National Championship twenty-some days ago, and that might not have been early enough for the Beavers to  be considered for and ESPY nominations. But still, was it too late for ESPN to throw in a video of Joey Wong's miraculous double play, or Joe Paterson's strike three called that gave the Beavers their second National Championship? How hard would it have been to put in a clip of Kevin Gunderson forcing Chad Flack to fly out to center field, then showing Kevin throw his glove into the air, and be joined by all the other Beavers in the dogpile? That entrance video seemed to last five minutes.

I cannot think of another major National Championship that was left out of the show. Florida over Ohio State in basketball, Florida over Ohio State in football. The Cardinals in the World Series, the Colts in the Super Bowl. Reggie, Matt, and Vince were featured. And many others. The Beavers win six drama-filled elimination games, capped with a 3-2 victory over North Carolina to claim their second National Championship in school history, and nobody cares. The Beavers do it again the year after, and still, nobody cares.

Taryne Mowatt accepts the award for "Best Female Athlete" after her performance with the Univesity of Arizona Softball team in the Women's CWS. (Phil McCarten, Reuters)

Would a three-peat get us an ESPY nomination?