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Wednesday Mid-Morning News and Notes

  The big news of yesterday was the announcement that Pat Bailey will now be in charge of pitching. Thanks to the guys over at PureOrange, I told you that Pat could be the replacement for outgoing coach Dan Spencer over a week ago. I'm sure I'll post more about Coach Bailey more in the coming weeks. This is a great hire for Oregon State-- I'm sure you know a little about Pat B., from what you've read already, but he's been at George Fox ever since Pat C. left. He led the Bruins to a National Championship in 2004, and will be a great addition to the staff.

  It just hit me last night that I wrapped up Oregon State Baseball's regular season before they headed off to Regionals in Virginia, so a Post-Season Wrap-up will be coming later in the day.

  Also, I hope to start rolling out football previews today or tomorrow. I'll start general, then get more and more in-depth as the post-season wears on, and on into the August practices.