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Jacoby Ellsubry gets first MLB Start with the Red Sox

So, about 12:00 this afternoon on the East Coast, Jacoby Ellsubury got a call on his cell phone. He would probably getting ready for a 7:05 game with his team, the Pawtuckett Red Sox. I mean, you can't blame him. He plays baseball for a living.

But then, the cell phone call. He picks it up, it's someone from the Red Sox organization. The Boston Red Sox. No more Pawtuckett for Jacoby, because he learned on the phone that he would be playing in Fenway in seven hours.

So he hops in the car, calls some friends, family, and Pat Casey, then heads to Fenway to play in his major-league debut. No big deal.

Jacoby went 1-for-4 on the evening. In his first major league at-bat, he hit the ball about a foot, and was tagged out by Texas catcher Gerald Laird. Jacoby chuckled, then walked back to the dugout. However, He would go on to get his first major league hit later in the game.

Jacoby hustles to first on his way to his first MLB hit.

He started in center and batted ninth. He caught three balls, but misplayed one of the Fenway center field wall. I don't blame him. Have you ever played in Fenway on XBox or Play Station? It 'aint easy fielding balls that hit off any part of Fenway's wall.

Okay, bad connection.

The Red Sox would go on to lose 5-4 to the Rangers. Jacoby's old team, Pawtuckett, ended up being just fine without him, beating the Charlotte Knights 3-2.

Jacoby will be in Boston for at least a few more days. Coco Crisp was put on the DL nursing a thumb injury. They say it will take 3-5 days to nurse the injury. The Red Sox say they'll keep Jacoby in Boston through the weekend, at least.

Go get 'em, Tiger.