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A Look at the Wolverines

Now that the Beavers don't have to play the #1 seed Vanderbilt, they have to plat the team that beat the #1 seed. That team is the Michigan Wolverines, and here is their profile:

This Weekend's Opponent :: Michigan
Overall Record 42-17
Home: 15-10
Away: 21-5
Neutral: 6-2
Big Ten: 21-7
Leading Hitters:
Derek VanBuskirk .376 3 HR 32 RBI
Kevin Cislo .372 1 HR 23 RBI
Nate Recknagel .359 12 HR 61 RBI
Mike Wilson 7-0 3.07 ERA 11 Starts
Zach Putnam 8-4 4.13 ERA 14 Starts
Chris Fetter 6-3 4.50 ERA 12 Starts
Andrew Hess 7-2 4.52 ERA 13 Starts

Looks like they have had some battles in the starting rotation, as there are four guys with more than ten starts. The ERA's don't look that stellar either, so that's something to be aware of. We're trying to get Brian from MGoBlog in here for some Q&A before tomorrow.

Go Beavers!