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Saturday Evening News and Notes

It was announced Thursday that LaVonda Wagner has received a one year contract extension. I assume it's to help with recruiting, but still, it's good to know that LaVonda will be coaching our women's hoop team for at least four more years.

Some members of the 2007 Championship team (Lissman, Barney, Maxwell, Santschi) were at NikeTown in Portland signing autographs and displaying their trophy. Tim Brown from the Oregonian Blog was on hand, and had some pictures to share. Check it out.

So, the big news of the day yesterday was Greg Oden's visit to Portland. Grab the Sports page of today's Oregonian to see how your hand compares to Greg's, or head on over to Blazer's Edge for all the draft coverage and Oden coverage you could possibly want.

Barry Bonds is five away. Does anyone care?

The Yankees lost their 40th game today, which puts them like 12 games out of first place. That makes me laugh.

I still owe Kyle a response to his post on the whole double elimination/ three game series thing in the college world series. I haven't forgotten, I promise it's coming soon.

That's all for now...



PS: Did anyone out there actually get an iPhone? I'd like to hear about it...