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Casey racks up the awards, Spencer leaving?

Good news or bad news first? We'll start with the good news.

For the second year in a row, Pat Casey has won National Coach of the Year, as voted by Collegiate Baseball Newspaper.

Ok, so let's slow down a minute.

Last year, Casey led the Beavers to a National Championship. They lost a ton of guys, including over half of their lineup, two starters, and their closer.

Pat Casey used this re-building year to win yet another National title.

This award, as well as the two rings, are a great testament to Casey's hard work in recruiting, as well as the great job he does in developing and honing his player's skills. I bet he's glad he didn't go to Notre Dame. What did they do this year?

Here's a list of some recent winners:

2007: Pat Casey, Oregon State
2006: Pat Casey, Oregon St.
2005: Augie Garrido, Texas
2004: George Horton, Cal. St. Fullerton
2003: Wayne Graham, Rice
2002: Augie Garrido, Texas
2001: Jim Morris, Miami (Fla.)
2000: Skip Bertman, Louisiana St.
1999: Jim Morris, Miami (Fla.)

So, now, the bad news.

OSU pitching coach Dan Spencer looks like he's interested in the Texas Teach associate head coadh job. Sounds like the plan is for him to take over as pitching coach there, then assume the head coaching duties once that position opens. Texas Tech is his alma mater, so it makes sense. But dude, you just won two National Championships with Oregon State!

KCBD Lubbock reports:

Texas Tech has called a 1pm press conference for Monday concerning Texas Tech baseball.

Oregon State pitching Coach Dan Spencer, who played for the Red Raiders from 1985 to 1987, told NewsChannel 11 Friday that he and his family will be coming to Lubbock this weekend and that there is a 1pm press conference on Monday.

Does that mean he'll be taking the job at Texas Tech? We'll keep you posted.

You take what you want from that, but I think he's going to take that job. After all, he would end up as head coach, something he's probably been wanting to do for awhile.

But we shouldn't be in terrible shape without him. David Wong, this year's volunteer assistant coach, was a pitcher in the minor leagues, and Marty Lees pitched for Western Oregon. Plus, we've got Pat Casey at the helm.

Long story short: If Spence goes, Congratulations, and Good Luck. And thanks, man. You put together a great staff every year.