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Full Page Nike Ad in the Oregonian

Nike ran this in Tuesday's Oregonian. I thought it was suitable for posting:

You get there.
And that's something.

You make it to Omaha, the middle of nowhere,
And the center of college baseball everywhere.
And that's something.

You play hundreds of innings to get there.
Throw thousands of pitches to get there.
Make the aluminum clink to get there.
And that's something.

You win 38 games out of 51.
Regionals. Super regionals.
And that's something.

You lead a caravan of believers 1,739 miles,
To watch you be one of eight.
Then one of two,
And finally end up in a dogpile
On the infield of Rosenblatt.
That's something.

But to do it again the next year,
That's something else.

Congratulations, Oregon State Beavers.