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Darwin and Eddie on AM Northwest

9:01: So here we go. Helen Raptis and Dave Anderson will be our hosts for the morning. After watching the first thirty seconds of this show, I don't have very many expectations for the whole "Darwin and Eddie" thing. Maybe a phone interview? I don't know.

9:03: Now they're talking about some guy that hid $200 dollars from his wife in the toilet bowl. She thought this package she found in the bowl was garbage, so she flushed it. So, then, wanting the $200 back, he goes out and digs up the septic tank. Thanks, Dave, I really wanted to know that.

9:07 Since we'll probably have to wait 59 hours to get to the 1 minute at the end of the show when they interview Darwin and Eddie, looks like we'll have to kill time some other way. Dave just did the little pre-commercial talk when he says "We'll talk with some of the OSU Beavers later in the show..." which means they'll get to that segment in about thirty minutes.

9:15 Ok, this is getting old fast. By the way, If there are any female-types out there trying to sneek a peak at Eddie, well, he's already taken. As for Darwin, I don't know. Go for it. He might be single.

9:24 Now we've got Michael Moore, the producer of some movies like, well, you know who he is. They're talking about his new movie "Sicko" about the health system. He's got some good points. Long story short, the movie opens tomorrow. Still no more mentions of Oregon State. The way I look at it, we only have to wait a maximum of 36 more minutes.

9:27 HERE WE GO! It's Eddie! No Darwin??? Looks like Eddie's girlfriend is watching from the wings. Helen and Dave were quick to ask "How is your girlfriend dealing with all the young women throwing themselves at you?" You could hear her laugh, then Eddie played it off with one of those, "She probably doesn't like it, but we spend a lot of time together" answers. He made sure that he sent a shout out to his boys at Parkrose, and said that if he didn't play baseball, he would want to run a hospital. That's ironic, because I swear Michael Moore was on here ten seconds ago talking about how the Health Care system is corrupted.

9:30 Eddie shares that he thought that last year's championship was more special, and I agree. This year was just pure domination by the Beavers, (the word domination used loosely) but last year did involve more drama and overcoming adversity. Plus, Eddie must of been pissed because he only got to pitch in the 9th inning of OSU's victory over Cal State Fullerton-- after that, he didn't pitch in Omaha. So, he probably had more fun, and got a little bit more action last year. Action, as in pitching, not as in his girlfriend, sitting 20 feet away. He also talked a lot about the Mets, and how he was drafted there. Dave was quick to pipe up with something along the lines of, "So your winning days are over?" But, I think Eddie will have a bright future in the pros. He's big, he throws hard, and hes a fierce competitor.

9:40 Well, I wonder why Darwin didn't show up. Maybe his alarm clock didn't go off. 9:43 Eddie is gone now, and now there are some more freaks on the show. I couldn't tell you who they are, something to do with accordions. I haven't really been paying attention, since I was typing about Eddie. Well, we got out of here 15 minutes early!

9:45 By the way, if you want to know how to take care of a flag, keep watching. I'm going to get something to eat.