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Stats from Championship Game 1

I didn't get to elaborate on last night's game as much as I would have liked to this morning, so here's a more in-depth look at who was hot and who was not last night.

Chris Hopkins: Chris lead off in center field, and started the game off with a single on a ball weakly hit to the third baseman. In the third inning, he fouled out to the second baseman, and in the fifth, he singled to center field. Lonnie Lechelt scored on the single, giving Chris an RBI. In the seventh, he reached on a throwing error by the pitcher, a inning that would turn into a fiasco for North Carolina's defense. In the eighth, he struck out looking. Chris ended up 2-for-5 with a RBI and a run scored.

Joey Wong: Joey hit in the two hole and played second base, and in the first, he singled to right field. In the second, he bunted for a base hit, and would eventually score. He grounded into a double play in the fifth, and he had the bunt in the seventh that resulted with him on third base, and two runs in. He was hit right on the elbow in the eighth, ending his day at 2-for-3 with two runs scored. Joey is hitting .393 since the start of the UCLA series.

Mike Lissman: Mike DHed, and didn't have a very good game. I didn't understand the decision to have Mike, our best hitter right now, bunt with two on and no out, but he did, and popped out to the pitcher. That catch was in foul territory, and a very tough grab. It was somewhere around #5 on Baseball Tonight's top plays. He singled to right field in the third, but grounded out to the pitcher in the sixth. He walked in the seventh, and struck out looking in the eighth. He went 1-for-4 on the day, and scored once.

Mitch Canham: Mitch grounded into an inning ending double play in the first, an inning that looked promising after Hopkins and Wong got on board safely. In the third, he hit a sacrifice fly that scored Joey Wong, but it was that bizarre play where Lissman didn't see that the center fielder had caught the ball, and kept running all the way to third while the Tar Heels tagged him out back at first. In the sixth, Canham singled to left field and eventually scored, and then he walked in the seventh and was hit in the eighth. He ended up 1-2 on the day, with a run and two RBI's.

Darwin Barney: Darwin struck out in the second and flied out to right in the fourth, but in the sixth, he got a base hit through the right side. That hit tied him for OSU's career hit record with Jacoby Ellsbury at 236. All Darwin needs is on base hit in today's game to break the record. He got an RBI walk in the sixth, but then grounded out to third base in the eighth. He ended the day at 1-for-4, with a run scored and a RBI.

John Walalce: John played left field for the Beavers, and struck out in the second. He walked in the fourth, and flew out to center on a sac fly in the sixth. Jason Ogata came into the game to pinch hit for John in the seventh.

Jason Ogata: Jason got one at bat in the seventh, and he hit a sac fly to right field, scoring Mike Lissman. Braden Wells went in to play left field for the remainder of the game after that.

Scott Santschi: Scott played right field, and walked in the second. He hit into a double play in the fourth, hit a single in the sixth, and then grounded into another double play in the seventh. He finished 1-for-3 with a run and a RBI.

Jordan Lennerton: Jordan has been hitting at the bottom of the order lately, but he had a solid night. He homered deep to right center field in the second against a very heavy wind. He had back to back ground outs to second base in the fifth and sixth, but he got a base hit to right field in the eighth. He finished 2-for-4 on the game, with two runs scored, two RBI's, and a homer.

Lonnie Lechelt: Lonnie grounded out to his opposite number in the second, but then doubled to right field in the fifth. He walked in the seventh. In the eighth, he got his second double of the game, this time to left field. He's been one of our worst hitters throughout the season, but he has three doubles and a triple (if I remember correctly) in Omaha, his only four hits. He ended the day 2-for-3 with two runs scored.

Of course, we all know by now that Jorge got the win, as he has been sweeping the nation over the last few days. He was on the front page of ESPN today, and I'll be posting about that later.

JoePa got the save, and he now has three wins and two saves in the post-season.

The Beavers haven't trailed in 61 innings, dating back to the second inning against Virginia in the Charlottesville Regional. The Beavers hope to finish their season with 70 innings without trailing. We'll see if they can accomplish that tonight.