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A Quick Look at OSU's CWS Stats

First, the offense:


Mitch Canham: Mitch leads the team in at bats at 14. He has five hits, which gives him a .357 average. He's scored once, hit a ball deep to let field against UC Irvine, and has three RBI's. He's struck out twice.


Jordan Lennerton: Jordan has the lowest CWS batting average on the team, but he has one of OSU's five home runs. He's scored two runs, but only has two hits in his 12 at bats. He's walked once, and struck out three times. He also has two of the team's four sacrifices.


Joey Wong: Joey hit .272 in the regular season, and he's upped it to .417 in Omaha. He's 5-for-12 overall, with five runs scored. He's got two doubles and three RBI's, but has four strikeouts. He has the other two sacrifices.


Darwin Barney: Darwin is hitting .364 in Omaha, going 4-for-11 with 3 runs. He's got two RBI's, two walks, and has been hit.


Lonnie Lechelt: Lonnie has the second worst CWS batting average on the team at .182, but he hasn't been unproductive. He should have two triples, but one of those bounced over the wall in foul territory down the right field line for a ground rule double. However, those are his only two hits, which gives him such a low average. Defensively, he has one of the two errors, coming on a ground ball at the end of the Arizona State game.


John Wallace: John has played in every game, but started only two. He's 2-or-9, with a triple and another base hit. He's scored once, and struck out four times.

Mike Lissman: Mike's played left field and DH in Omaha, and he has the third best average on the team at .455. He's 5-for-11, and out of the players that have played in every game, he has the best stats. He has two home runs, scored five times, and has been walked twice.


Chris Hopkins- Chris is 4-for-12 in Omaha, at .333. He's scored four times, walked once, and he's been hit twice. He's got a double, and it seems like every time you look up, Chris is on base.


Scott Santschi: Scott has started two games, and has gotten six at-bats. He has three hits including a home run, giving him a .500 average. He's also got two RBI's and a walk.

Braden Wells: Braden has played in every game, and started one. He's 1-for-5, and that's about it.


Jason Ogata: Jason leads the team in batting average, but he has the fewest at-bats. He's 3-for-5, which gives him a .600 batting average.

The pitching--

Jorge Reyes: Jorge started against Cal State Fullerton, and went 6 innings. He allowed one run on three hits, walked two, struck out three, and gave up a homer. He faced 19 batters, and hit one. He picked up the W, making him 6-3 on the year. He'll try to make that 7-3 tonight.

Mike Stutes: Mike went Monday against Arizona State, went six innings, giving up four hits and three runs. He walked five, struck out four, and faced 20. We're not going to see him today unless we are very desperate for pitching, which won't happen. Expect to see him start tomorrow.

Daniel Turpen: Turp went eight innings against the Anteaters, and allowed them to only one run on five hits. He struck out five and walked three. We're not going to see him today. He'll probably start on Monday if there is a game. There's a possibility of him reliving tomorrow, but that's probably not going to happen.

Joe Patterson: JoePa moved from starter to reliever for the CWS, and he's doing a great job. He's appeared in every game, and has thrown 6.1 innings. Joe has seven strikeouts, NO walks, and one hit batter against 23 batters. We're likely not going to see him today, because he needs rest, and we have other guys that have barely pitched at all, like Eddie Kunz.

Blake Keitzman: Blake faced three batters in the Arizona State game. He recorded one out, got two hits, and gave up a run. He also struck out Brett Wallace, Arizona State's best regular season hitter. If you haven't heard yet, Wallace, the Pac-10 player of the year, went 0-12 in Omaha.

Mark Grbavac: Mark's numbers aren't very exciting, because all he did was walk a batter. We could see him tonight.

Eddie Kunz: Eddiie threw in the first game in relief of Reyes and Patterson. He faced two batters, gave up a hit, but got the job done. I think he is the relief pitcher we will see the most of tonight, as he's got to be close to 100%.