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Media Round-up: June 23

Here's what they're saying about today's game:

Omaha World-Herald :: Beavers Reach Championship Round Again

The Oregonian :: Beavers, Tar Heels Reverse Roles

The Statesman Joural :: Freshman feuls Oregon State's success in postseason

Statesman Journal :: Beavers Ready for Rematch

Statesman Jounral :: Freshman Reyes to start opener for Beavers

Gazette-Times :: Fated for a Rematch

We've got about seven hours until game time. As of right now, it looks like it's going to be Freshman right hander Jorge Reyes for the Beavers, versus Freshman right hander Alex White for the Tar Heels.

More coming as the day progresses.

Go Beavers!