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With North Carolina's 7-4 victory over Rice yesterday, North Carolina advances out of the loser's bracket to play Oregon State for the national championship. This is the fourth straight year that Rice has lost a chance to play in the championship series, and the second year in a row that we'll see a UNC/ OSU championship.

Only this year, the roles were reversed. UNC was in the drivers seat, having easily got out of their bracket. This year, that team is Oregon State, and North Carolina had to battle their way here against a very good Rice team that destroyed UNC in their first matchup.

North Carolina had the advantage with rest and pitching last year, and Oregon State has it this year. OSU has played three games so far, North Carolina has played five. Oregon State definitely has more rest as far as their pitchers go, but North Carolina won't be in the same boat UC Irvine was when the Beavers took care of them 7-1.

North Carolina hasn't shown off an offense the way Rice and Louisville did, but believe me, they have it. Still, these two (possible three) upcoming games should be very pitching and defense oriented games.

More on this matchup coming later...