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Oregon State 7, UC Irvine 1

The Anteaters were forced to start freshman pitcher Chris Bergman, who has started two games, had an 0-3 record, and a 6.11 ERA. He had only pitched 17 full innings coming into the game, and he only went four last night. The Beavers roughed him up for  four runs on four hits. He walked one, and struck one out.

Daniel Turpen, making his first appearance in Omaha this year, went eight innings. He only allowed five hits and one run, striking out five in the process.

The win give Oregon State two days of rest, while Rice and North Carolina are still battling today. These two days will be good for our pitching, which has been great in Omaha. Jorge should be ready, and Stutes should be good to go in a few days. I'm worried about Patterson-- he's pitched in every game. Eddie should be fine, he's barely pitched at all. Turpen had a great outing last night, and he could be good for a few innings late in the game maybe on Sunday or Monday.

Our team is really taking care of business right now. This tournament has seemed stress-free so far, and the Beavers are playing clean, efficient baseball. The Cal State Fullerton game has been the closest so far, but that still didn't have the feel of a close game, except for the very end after the error. The Beavers were in control that whole game, and there still wasn't much stress.

Again, the Beavers had a very productive day at the plate. Wong went 2-for-4, Barney 3-for-5, and Canham 3-for-5 with his 10th home run of the season. John Wallace tripled, and Wong doubled.

Here's some photos: