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OSU vs. UC Irvine :: Game Preview

It's the Beavers and the 'Eaters.

UC Irvine is trying to do exactly what the Beavers did last year-- come out of the loser's bracket, and make some noise.

They've already made some noise, as basically everyone is an 'Eaters fan. It was about 3,000 ASU fans vs. about 20,000 UC Irvine fans yesterday at Rosenblatt Stadium, and the underdog prevailed.

This is good news for the Beavers-- we definitely did not want to play Arizona State again. We took advantage of them on Monday, but they're so dangerous they could probably take it to us 8 times out of 10. UC Irvine is coming off of two extra inning wins-- the first time a team has done that in the CWS in consecutive games. Their pitching is depleted, their guys are tired, and they've used an crazy amount of luck in the last two games. Who knows if there will be any left when they play the Beavers.

For Oregon State, Daniel Turpen will be on the hill. He pitched in Omaha last year, so he's got the experience. Out of the pen, I think we can get two or three innings out of JoePa, and then Eddie is fresh as well. We've also got the young guys fresh, but my assumption is that Coach Spencer will stick with his guns as long as possible. We gave Keitzman and Grbavac a chance in the last game, and although they were put in a difficult situation, they didn't do a whole lot of damage, aside from the strikeout of ASU star Brett Wallace, who went 0-12 in the College World Series.

UC Irvine hasn't decided on a starter yet, which could mean that they are low in that department. I'm almost positive the are, but we'll see what happens.

Last night's game was a thriller, with Ollie Linton getting the winning hit on a line drive between first base and second. I captured video of the hit, and only the hit. I had video of the celebration, but somehow I lost it in the commotion. Here's Ollie:

That's all for now-- more after the game.