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Omaha Hotline, June 16

Thank you for calling the Omaha hotline, your source for (most) everything you're going to need to know regarding the Beavers in the College World Series. Today's opponents are the mighty Titans of Cal State Fullerton. They're kinda like us. The Beavers and Titans should be equally matched. Um, so yeah... the hotline:

If you're interested in a Q&A I did with a Cal State Fullerton fan, that clearly distinguishes that Oregon State and Cal State Fullerton could be blood related baseball teams, press 1.

If you want a lengthy, high tech, statistical breakdown of the Titans that I did mostly while flying at 30,000 feet that furthermore distinguishes the similar characteristics of these two teams, as well as information about Cal State Fullerton you never needed to know, press 2.

For a look at the bottom half of the bracket, the first game that of which will be played today at 1:00 Omaha time (11:00 in the Northwest), press 3.

For a comprehensive look at the bling-bling the Beavers will rep on the field, press 4.

If for some reason you want to talk about the games that went down yesterday, including Rice winning over Louisville and North Carolina prevailing over Mississippi State, press 5.

If you want to know what I did with the few hours I spent in Kansas City, press 6.

If you would like me to repeat the options, uh, scroll up.

Have a good day.