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Omaha Adventure :: Day 1

Flew into Kansas City from PDX today. We won't get to Omaha until tomorrow morning, but we had enough time to eat lunch at Chappell's here in KC, then catch part of the Royals/ Marlin game.

Lunch at Chappell's was one of the best meals I've had in awhile. I went with the fish and chips, which was to die for, complemented nicely by the tartar sauce, which is also to die for.

But the best part was that this place is packed to from wall to wall to ceiling with every kind of sports memorabilia known to man. Old pennants, football helmets, pictures, newspaper articles from the 1990's, classic baseball jerseys, (did you know there was a MLB team named the Houston Colts? ) trophies, you name it. I had read about this place in the paper a few years back, and we also have some friends from Kansas City that talk about it regularly. I wouldn't have remembered the place was in KC if it wasn't for the guy that set next to us on the airplane. Anyway, here's a taste of Chappel's:

The place went on forever. You would be amazed.

Highly recommended for any sports fan traveling through Missouri.

After that, we followed our Garmin GPS in our Rental Dodge Avenger (*ding*) to Kauffman field to watch the last place Kansas City Royals take on the Marlins. I was very surprised of the atmosphere at the ballpark, and the anmount of fans they had there for beng a last place team. The did just slaughter their rivals the Cardinals last night, though. I proudly repped an 'OS' shirt during the game.

In visiting Kauffman field, my dad and I knocked off #3 on our quest to visit every major league ballpark. We've got Safeco and Kauffman under out belts now. I have Camden Yards, and my dad has Dodger Stadium.

Three down, a ton to go...

The Royals were winning 3-1 when we left in the sixth inning. We opted to get on I-29 and make some of the trek to Omaha tonight. We'll finish the journey to the promised land tomorrow morning. And you know where we'll be tomorrow night.

I'm in a town called St. Joespeh's now. Turns out the Royals ended up winning 6-2. Here in St. Joeseph their motto is "Where the West Started Getting Wild." I'm glad I'll be out of here in the morning....