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Breaking Down the Bracket

I'm sure you've seen the bracket on the internet, but if not, here's our half.

First of all, the Beavers are off...

Oregon State has a first round date with Cal State Fullerton on Saturday. We're likely going to see Wes Romer, their mega-ace, in that game.

Oregon State will then either play Arizona State or the Anteaters of UC Irvine on Monday. Hopefully, Oregon State is playing in the winner's bracket, and a match up against either ASU or UCI would be another one of immense proportions. ASU is power hitting, and UCI relies heavily on their pitching.

Fullerton has a long pedigree of baseball supa-stars... (Jiambi and Kotsay)

I'll say it right now... it's going to be hard to come through the loser's bracket in Omaha. Losing the first game would mean that Oregon State would have to pull off wins against teams like Cal State Fullerton and Arizona State consecutively. I'm not saying it's impossible, it's just going to be hard to be in that situation.

If we win against Cal State Fullerton, we are where we want to be. This means a team will be eliminated while we still haven't lost, which makes matters easier since another team could be pulling the upset. But still, no matter who goes two and out in this bracket, there are still going to be three great teams ready to duke it out later in the week.