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Packing the Bags for Omaha

With the Beavers headed to out of PDX tomorrow morning, and a steady stream of Beaver fans, including me, following them to Omaha, let's veer away from number crunching and game breakdowns to talk about the Beavers' wardrobe.

They'll be playing in front of 20,000+ at Rosenblatt, and thousands more will be tuning in across on ESPN. We'll go through the 2007 duds one by one, and then I'll open it up for discussion at the end.

Slick 'OS'

The jersey was rolled out this year along with the rest of our "OS" paraphernalia including the Beaver's new hats, shirts, field turf, and overall athletic identity.

I like the new look, but I know some are hesitant for change. I think the jerseys look slick and professional, without being too over the top. I say these are Omaha-worthy.

Classic Off-White

Definitely my favorite Beaver jersey, these unis have won the Beavers a lot of games. The design won them the national championship last year, and clinched their return trip to Omaha this year. These are definitely Omaha worthy, and OSU shoudl wear them as frequently as possible.

Last year we saw orange and black renditions of this jersey, but I don't recall seeing the Beavers wear alternate color combinations in this style in 2007. Still lovin' the off white, though. I think that the orange and black versions were replaced by these:

Plain Orange, and Plain Black

Nothing exciting, but these plain and simple tops get the job done. I'm more a fan of the black versus the orange, but I can tolerate both. We've seen the orange uniforms show up a lot, most recently in Charlottesville. They'll be on the hanger in Omaha.

Gray Pinstripes

You've got to give the Nike designers an A for effort, but a F for execution on these uniforms. I like the pinstripe look, but the "OSU" across the front looks like it's ironed on, and the numbers are quite obnoxious. The Beavers tend to don these babies quiet a bit on the road, so there's a possibility we could see Oregon State in these if they draw the first base dugout. My general feeling is that Beaver Nation wants the equipment to leave these folded in Corvallis.

So, there's my ranting for the morning. What do you want to see the Beavers wear in Omaha? Your favorites? Your least favorites? The countdown to Saturday is now three days.