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OSU vs. Michigan :: Game 1 Recap

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With two outs and Braden Wells on second base in the top of the ninth, Joey Wong laced a single through the left side of the infield and into left field for a base hit. Wells would be waved around from third:

...and that play would result in Oregon State's only run and hit of the game.

As a result, there's not much to report offensively, but where it really counted today was on the hill.

Freshman Jorge Reyes went 7 innings, matching the most he's pitched in his Oregon State career. Joe Patterson pitched the eighth and the first out of the ninth, and then Big Eddie finished of the game with a two pitch save.

Jorge only gave up three hits in his seven innings, and didn't walk any. He struck out one, as did Patterson, getting OSU pitching's two strikeouts for the day. JoePa also gave up a single hit.

Tomorrow, the Wolverines and Beavers square off at 4:00 p.m. at Goss. If the Beavers win, they're headed to Omaha along with Mississippi State, UC Irvine, Cal State Fullerton, Arizona State, Rice, Louisville, and North Carolina. But the Beavers have to take one thing at a time.

First thing is first, and that's taking care of Michigan tomorrow.