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Gameday Open Thread :: OSU vs. Rutgers

The Beavers and Scarlet Knights will take to the field today in the second game of the Charlottesville Regional tonight. The Beavers look to find life at the plate tonight, and win the game with solid pitching and defense. The Beavers have lost seven games at home and seven on the road, so home field advantage is not a necessity for the Beavers. Rutgers has only lost three at home, but fifteen of their losses came on the road. We'll see if they feel out of acclimation tonight, even though they're playing just a few hours away from home.

Today's Opponent :: Rutgers Scarlet Knights
Overall Record 41-19
Home: 19-3
Away: 17-15
Neutral: 5-1
Big East: 20-7
Leading Hitters:
Dave Williams .408 4 HR 49 RBI
Todd Frazier .379 22 HR 64 RBI
Tom Edwards .350 7 HR 48 RBI
Ryan Hill .348 11 HR 55 RBI
Steve Healing 10-3 3.56 ERA 16 Starts
Casey Gaynor 4-3 4.66 ERA 14 Starts
Matt Giannini 5-4 6.47 ERA 15 Starts

Update [2007-6-1 10:11:55 by Jake]: It will be Joe Patterson (4-6, 4.19) for the Beavers, versus Rutgers' Steve Healing.

Leave any thoughts, comments, etc. here. Remember to tune in tonight at 5:00 PM Pacific to catch the game.