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OSU vs. UW :: Saturday Live Blog

Note: Live Blog below. Updates appear in chronological order.


Darwin Barney injured his thumb last night, so Casey is moving him to left for this game. If they need him late in the game at short, they'll be able to sub him in, so that's the point of Darwin going into the outfield. Joey Wong will play short, and Jason Ogata will go to second. Lissman will DH.

Top 1

Chris Hopkins grounded out to third to start the game, and then Jason Ogata drilled one to center. Washington center fielder Michael Burgher dove for the ball but missed, allowing the ball to roll to the fence. Ogata wheeled all the way around, and scored on an inside the park home run, the first Beaver inside the park homer in three years, and the first ever at Husky Ballpark.

With one down, Canham flied out to left. Lissman singled to left, but then Lennerton grounded out to third, ending the inning.

Bottom 1

Michael Burger led off with a walk, then stole second. He took third on an error by the catcher. Matt Hague flied out to left for the first out, then Ty Rassmusen struck out. Rindall singled, scoring Burgher, then Matt Stevens grounded out to end the inning.

Top 2

The Beavers went quickly in the second, as Barney flew out, Wallace grounded out to first, and Drew George struck out.

Bottom 2

Danny Cox started off with a single, then Joey Dunn bunted him down to second, and was thrown out. Jake Rife singled to second, but then the Beavers got a double play to end the inning.

Top 3

Joey Wong led off with a single, but then the next three batters all went down, leaving him stranded. Hopkins grounded out, Ogata struck out looking, and Canham grounded out.

Bottom 3

Matt Hague started things off with a single, then Ty Rassmusen, Curt Rindall, and Bradley Boyer all went down, ending the Huskies' third inning in much the same style that the Beavers went in the top of the inning.

Top 4

Mike Lissman and Jordan Lennerton led off with two consecutive ground outs, then Darwin Barney singled to center. He advanced to second on an error by the pitcher. John Wallace singled, driving in Barney from second, and the Beavers take a 2-1 lead. Drew George flew out to left, and the inning is over.

Bottom 4

Matt Stevens struck out, then Danny Cox lined out to the pitcher. Dunn singled, but then Jake Rife struck out to end the inning.

Top 5

The nine hitter, Joey Wong, led off with flyout to right. Chris Hopkins tripled, and then Jason Ogata walked. Canham singled through the right side, then Lissman flew out to center, and it was deep enough to score Ogata from third. Lennerton flied out for the third out.

Bottom 5

Burgher, Hague, and Rasmussen led off with back to back to back base hits, resulting with one run scored and two on. Curt Rindall grounded into a fielder's choice, getting him to first safely, but Rasmussen was thrown out at second. Boyer and Stevens both singled, scoring one. Cox is hit, scoring another, then Dunn hit a single to left, scoring two. Rife struck out, Burgher walked, then Hague grounded into a fielder's choice. Barney elected to go to second for the easy out to end the inning, but it wasn't in time. Cox scored on the play, and Washington took a 7-4 lead. Rassmusen grounded out to finally end a six run fifth inning for the Huskies.

Aaand, We're Live!

Top 6

4:00 PM PST Darwin Barney flied out, then Wallace flied out as well. Two down.

4:03 PM PST Drew George singled to left field, and we have one on with two out.

4:06 PM PST Joey Wong grounded out to second base, and we're headed for the bottom of the sixth.

Bottom 6

4:07 PM PST New Oregon State pitcher Mark Grbavac will face Curt Rindall, Bradley Boyer, and Matt Stevens.

4:08 PM PST Curt Rindall laces one to left, and it hits off of Jason Ogata's mitt. Rindall cruises into second with a double.

4:09 PM PST Boyer walks, and the Huskies have two on with no outs. Casey to the mound. 7-4, Huskies.

4:13 PM PST Matt Stevens grounds out to the third baseman, but not before the runners move up to second and third. Mark Grbavac intentionally walks Danny Cox, bringing Joey Dunn to the plate with one out, and the bases loaded.

4:16 PM PST Dunn singles to center, Rindall scores from third, and Boyer scores from second. 9-4 Huskies. The Beavers are going to the bullpen for Anton Maxwell.

4:22 PM PST Rife strikes out, and Burgher grounds out to third base. Inning over, but not before the Huskies score two.

Top 7

4:25 PM PST Harrison Bishop comes in to pitch for Washington, and he's set to face the top of the order; Hopkins, Ogata, and Canham.

4:27 PM PST Chris Hopkins takes Bishop to a full count, but then strikes out.

4:31 PM PST Jason Ogata grounds out, and the first two Beavers go down in order. Canham up with two down, the bases empty.

4:33 PM PST Canham walks, and there is one on, two outs for Mike Lissman.

4:36 PM PST Ogata strikes out looking. We're headed for the bottom of the seventh.

Bottom 7

4:38 PM PST It will be Matt Hague, Ty Rassmusen, and Curt Rindall up to bat for the Huskies to face Beavers left hander Anton Maxwell.

4:40 PM PST Hague reaches first base, but then is picked off at first by Anton Maxwell. Rassmusen strikes out, and there are two down.

4:42 PM PST Rindall grounds out unassisted to first base on a check swing dribbler. The Beavers get out of the inning having only faced the minimum of three batters, the first time they've done that all day. The Beavers have six outs left, and we're headed for the top of eighth.

Top 8

4:45 PM PST It will be Lennerton, Barney, and Walalce.

4:46 PM PST Lennerton singles, and the Beavers have the lead off hitter on for the second time of the day. Darwin Barney at the plate.

4:48 PM PST Barney flies out to center, and the Beavers have one down in the eighth.

4:49 PM PST John Wallace bunts, and the ball hits third base after the Husky third baseman thought that the ball would roll foul. Runners on first and second for Drew George.

4:50 PM PST Drew George singles to left, and Lennerton will score. Wallace goes to second, and there are two on for Joey Wong.

4:51 PM PST Wong flies out to center, and there are two out, two on for Chris Hopkins. If Hopkins gets on base, Ogata will come to the plate at the tying run. 9-5 Washington.

4:54 PM PST Chris Hopkins walks off of a full count, and the bases are loaded for Jason Ogata, arguably Oregon State's hottest hitter at the moment.

4:56 PM PST The tying run comes to the plate in Ogata, and the Huskies are going to the bullpen for Junior righthander Brandon McKerney.

5:00 PM PST Jason Ogata is hit by Branden McKerney, and John Wallace will score from third. The Huskies will go to their bullpen for closer Nick Hagadone, and Mitch Canham comes to the plate for the Beavers. Lissman on deck. Two down, bases loaded.

5:06 PM PST Canham strikes out looking, and the Beavers are done in the eighth. Two came in, but the bases were loaded. 9-6 Huskies.

Bottom 8

5:07 PM PST The Beavers are set to face Bradley Boyer, Matt Stevens, and Danny Cox.

5:09 PM PST One pitch, one out, as Boyer flies back to Canham.

5:11 PM PST Stevens strikes out, and the Beavers quickly have two outs.

5:12 PM PST Joey Wong throws out Danny Cox on a barehanded throw that Mike Parker says wasn't even close to getting Cox. The Beavers will take it, and they need three in the bottom of the ninth.

Top 9

5:14 PM PST Lissman strikes out on three pitches, and the Beavers quickly have one out. Lennerton at the plate, Barney on deck.

5:16 PM PST Lennerton walks, with Barney coming to the plate. The Beavers appear to be going to Braden Wells in favor of John Wallace. He's in the on deck circle.

5:18 PM PST Barney flies out foul to the first baseman, and the Beavers are down to their final out. Braden Wells at the plate. Drew Gorge on deck.

5:20 PM PST Braden Wells singles off the glove of the diving shortstop, and there are runners on first and second with two outs. Drew Goerge at the plate, with the chance to tie the game with one swing. Wong on deck.

5:22 PM PST George walks, and Lonnie Lechelt will pinch hit for Joey Wong, with the bases loaded. Two outs. Top of the ninth. Down by three. Homer?

5:26 PM PST Uh... no. For the second straight inning, the Beavers retire the side on a called third strike with the bases loaded. Game over. Beavers lose the series.

Recap.... later.

Go Beavers!

Note: Live game updates are composed using Live Stats on OSU and the radio broadcast of the game called by Mike Parker on AM 1360 in the Portland area.