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Poll Results :: Will OSU Baseball Win the Pac-10?

After a few weeks of voting, Beaver Nation is having a hard time making a decision: Will OSU Baseball win the Pac-10?

Will OSU Baseball win the Pac-10?
Yes   16 votes - 48 %
No   17 votes - 51 %
33 Total Votes

I agree, it will be tough, but it is possible. Either way, I still expect for the Beavers to have a strong showing in the post season, and work their magic for a second straight year.

A three game sweep of the Huskies would help us out immensely. Game 1 is tonight at Safeco, 7:30, televised on FSN.

If you wish, make your case for why the Beavers will/won't win the Pac-10.

And while you're here, take a few seconds to vote in the new BTD user poll. It's to your right.

Go Beavers!