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OSU Football :: Quarter by Quarter Scoring

Over the next few weeks we'll start looking at some stats from last year, as well as previous years. We're going to start things off by looking at the quarter-by-quarter scoring of the 2004, 2005, and 2006 teams.

Just for clarification, the orange line on the graph is the scoring of the Beavers, and the green line is the scoring of OSU's opponents. The data in the table is that of Oregon State.

From looking at the graph, you can tell that Oregon State has been a first and fourth quarter team in the last for years. They get it going, everything shuts off, and then they make a comeback at the end. Sound familiar?

If you take a look at each year individually, you'll see that in 2004 the Beavers thrived in the first quarter, in 2005 it was the fourth quarter, and in 2006 (last season) it was the first and second quarters.

Does this have anything to do with the success of our program? Possibly. Last year, when Oregon State went 10-4, they won four games by over 20 points. In those games, (Eastern Washington, Stanford, Idaho, Arizona State) the starters were out early, and the offense wasn't as productive in the last part of the game. The Beavers didn't have as many games like this in the 5-6 2005 season, or the 7-5 2004 season.

Personally, I don't like the idea of being a first and fourth quarter team. I would rather start slower, then take momentum into half time, and take that momentum into the second half. We're letting our opponents do that right now.

However, that's my perspective. None of this really matters, and no body really cares if you keep winning games. It worked last year, and we can only hope that our offense will be potent enough to get it done this year as well. We've got Yvenson Bernard back for his senior season, and Sammie is back as well, but QB Sean Canfield (or whoever Riley decides on...) will have to step their game up to a high level to get the job done.

117 days until Utah.

Go Beavers!