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Rutgers Preview

We'll start things off with a preview of Oregon State's Friday opponent, Rutgers. Tomorrow I'll get up previews of Virginia and Lafayette, teams the Beavers could play in later rounds of the tournament.

The Scarlet Knights finished the regular season 41-19 overall, and 20-7 in the Big East. They're 19-3 at home, but 17-15 on the road. They've had trubles on the road, and that could prove to be an advantage for the Beavers, as Rutgers is playing 312 miles, a five and a half hour drive, away from home.

Rutgers hits .314 as a team, a full 30 points better than the Beavers. They are lead at the plate by Senior Outfielder Dave Williams, who is hitting .408 with 4 home runs, but the man to watch out for is Shortstop Todd Frazier. He's hitting .379 with 22 home runs, 20 doubles, and 89 total hits. These two, Williams and Frazier, are tied for the lead in hits, with 89. Another power hitter to watch out for is Ryan Hill, he's hitting .348 with 11 home runs.

Their two stars...

On the mound, their three regular starters have an average 4.90 ERA. The Oregon State combination of Stutes/ Patterson/ Reyes currently has an ERA of 3.89, a full run better than Rutgers. By looking at their stats, it looks like they rotate guys around in the bullpen. Six guys have recorded saves, so they don't have a definite closer.

We can talk about Rutgers all we went, but I think the Beavers have to hit the ball like they did in Games 1 and 2 of the UCLA series if they want to have a chance. If the Beavers come to play, good things will happen regardless of the opponent.

Go Beavers!