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Pac-10 Standings

Team Conf. Overall
  W L W L
UCLA 10 2 25 18
Arizona State 11 4 34 12
Arizona 10 5 32 11
Oregon State 6 6 34 9
Washington 6 6 21 20
California 7 8 23 22
USC 6 9 23 22
Wash. State 4 11 21 20
Stanford 3 12 18 24
Oregon Track is cool!

The Beavers are currently tied for fourth in the Pac-10, but that will change either for the better or worse this weekend, as the Beavers are set to play the team they're tied with, the Washington Huskies.

Oregon State has four series' left, the three major ones being Washington this weekend, and then UCLA and Arizona State, the top two teams in the conference. The Beavers are four wins out of first place, but with a sweep of the Huskies, the Beavers could potentially move themselves up to the two or three spot.

Arizona plays a non-conference series this weekend, but UCLA is set to do battle with Cal. Hopefully the Bears can take a game or two from the Bruins, an help the Beavers out. Arizona State is currently taking a week off for final exams... so, they won't move this weekend. The Beavers could definitely gain some ground.

Go Beavers!