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OSU vs. UCLA :: Sunday Recap

I'm going to forgo the Inning by Inning Recap because 1; there wasn't much excitement, and 2; tomorrow is Selection Monday, and I want to talk about that. So here we go:

The Beavers reverted to the familiar habits they have had against teams like Arizona and Arizona State, as they fell to UCLA in Game 3 of the Series by a score of 5-2. The Beavers only got three hits; one by Wong, one by Lissman, and one by Lennerton. Mike Lissman scored both OSU runs.

On the hill, Jorge Reyes went five and a third, gave up three runs, seven hits, and struck out one. Daniel Turpen and Blake Keitzman both recorded two outs, then Eddie Kunz went the rest of the way. Eddie allowed the other two UCLA runs in the eighth.

Go Beavers!