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OSU vs. UCLA :: Saturday Inning by Inning


Braden Wells is today's lead off man, and he flew out to left to get things started. Hopkins followed with a double to right center, then Darwin Barney walked. Ogata walked as well, and this would load the bases for Mike Lissman. Mike struck out looking, then Lennerton grounded out to third, ending the inning. Usually this would be an omen of bad things to come for the Beavers, but we all know now this was not the case.

UCLA went 1-2-3, and that's that for the first inning.


The Beavers followed suit of UCLA and went 1-2-3 in the third, and it just happened to be their 7-8-9 hitters.

UCLA manufactured two runs in the second; the first off a Stewart double, and the second off a Dolan base hit.

After 2, it's UCLA 2, Oregon State 0.


The Beavers struck back with two of their own; after a Braden Wells strikeout, Chris Hopkins singled, then Darwin Barney homered, tying the game. A fly out by Jason Ogata and a strikeout by Mike Lissman would end the inning, but not before the Beavers tied the game at two.

UCLA went 1-2-3 for the second time in three innings, and we're headed for the fourth.

After three, it's Oregon State 2, UCLA 2.


The fourth was an exciting inning for the Beavers; Jordan Lennerton led off with a walk, and Ammon walked to put two on for Lonnie Lechelt. Lonnie proceeded to (effectively) hit a three run bunt home run, a play that included two UCLA errors. Lechelt reached first base on a ball thrown away by UCLA pitcher Tim Murphy after he fielded the bunt. Ammon and Lennerton were both able to score, and then UCLA right fielder Gabe Cohen over threw third base, allowing Lonnie to score. There you have it folks, a three run bunt home run. We all know that's not how it was recorded in the scorebook, but it sounds better. After that play, Wong singled, and was eventually hit in by Darwin Barney. OSU got a few more base runners, but no more runs scored in the inning.

For UCLA-- 1-2-3.

After four, it's Oregon State 6, UCLA 2.


The Beavers continued their offensive hot streak into the fifth. Three walks and two base hits later, the Beavers had three runs cross the plate, and claim a seven run lead.

For UCLA-- four up, three down.

After five, it's Oregon State 9, UCLA 2.


The Beavers managed a run in the sixth, and that was Jordan Lennerton, scoring on a Joey Wong single. The only action for the Bruins in the sixth was their biggest action of the day-- a three run home run by first baseman Tim Stewart. This helped to close the lead, but after six, the Beavers still lead by a score of 10-5. Seventh:

The Beavers continued their relentless attack in the seventh, as two runs would score thanks to a Jaason Ogata two run home run.

For UCLA-- four up, three down.

After 7, it's Oregon State 12, UCLA 5.


For the first time in six innings, the Beavers didn't get any runs. The Beavers went 1-2-3, and the Bruins couldn't manufacture any runs of their own. We're headed for the ninth, the Beavers still enjoying a seven run lead.


As if the seven run lead wasn't enough, the Beavers added a run to their total with a Braden Wells run. He scored on a ground ball, and that's all the excitement the Beavers would get in the ninth.

For UCLA-- nothing doing.

It's Final: A Beaver victory, and they're the first Pac-10 team to win a series against the Bruins at Jackie Robinson stadium. The final: Oregon State 13, UCLA 5.

Go Beavers!