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OSU vs. UCLA :: Friday Recap

With their backs to the wall, Oregon State took it to UCLA with 13 hits, way more than they had in the entire series against Arizona State.

Oregon State and UCLA were in an arms race for the early innings of Friday's game. The Beavers scored three in the first, then the Bruins scored three in the first. The Beavers scored one in the third, and the Bruins followed suit. UCLA took the lead in the bottom of the fourth, but then Oregon State tied it up with a run in the fifth. It went back and fourth like this for much of the game, but thanks to a three run eighth inning, the Beavers propelled their way past the Bruins at Jackie Robinson Stadium.

Offensively, Joey Wong, Mitch Canham, and Jordan Lennerton were all three for five. Joey batted from the 2-hole, which is where I think he belongs. He also scored two of the ten runs, and walked. Canham and Darwin Barney also scored twice.

On the hill, Mike Stutes only went 3 and two thirds for the Beavers. He gave up five runs on seven hits during the span of eleven outs, and struck out two. He walked three, hit two, and gave up two home runs. Daniel Turpen came on in relief, he gave up a run on five hits in his three and a third innings of work. Maxwell, Grbavac, and Kunz finished out the game, and even though Eddie scared us in the bottom of the ninth, (Walked two, hit two) the Beavers got the win.

Go Beavers!