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ASU vs. OSU :: Sunday Recap

Arizona State beat Oregon State for the third straight day on Sunday. The score was 8-1 in favor of Arizona State. Arizona State scored more runs than Oregon State had base runners.

It was a fitting end to another sub-par series, with the Beavers only getting one run, one hit, and five base runners. The team that was predicted to finish second in the Pac-10 is now second to last, and with one series left, they have to sweep to have any hope of making regionals.

This was a day at Goss when we were bidding farewell to our Seniors and departing Juniors. Mitch Canham, in his last home game, went 0-4 with three strikeouts. Darwin Barney, who will likely go pro, went 0-4 with a strikeout. Mike Lissman got on base twice by way of a walk and a hit by pitch, but other than that, he was 0-fer as well. Braden Wells is the one who got the hit, and he was eventually the only Beaver to score as well. In order to score, the Beavers had to execute a perfect double steal, with Lissman breaking for second drawing the throw, and Braden breaking for the plate. This run did give the Beavers the lead for a short amount of time. It was their only lead of the weekend.

Arizona State, on the other hand, was tearing the Beavers up. The scored eight runs on nine hits, five of those runs coming in the fifth inning. In that inning, the Sun Devils actually had five runs on two hits, and the Beavers (who led the nation in fielding percentage coming into the game) gave up three errors in that one inning. They would go on to commit six errors on the day.

I'll continue to throw all sorts of statistics at you this week, along with Pac-10 Standings, and the lot.

Not much else to say... We literally need to win every game we play in from here on out to have a chance. Win 11 or 12 in a row, mix in a little luck, and we're in Omaha! It's unlikely....

It's time to "hope against hope."

Go Beavers!