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OSU vs. ASU :: Sunday Live Blog

Note: Live blog below. Updates appear in chronological order.


The Beavers look to get a win out of the series as the Sun Devils and Beavers take to the field today. The Sun Devils have won both games in the series thus far, (4-3, 3-0) and look to sweep. Jorge Reyes will try to prevent the powerful Arizona State offense from earning that feat, as he takes the hill for the Beavers. We'll see if we can get this one in, it's been raining in Corvallis. Looks like the start of the game has been postponed, so we'll be back when the game gets underway.

Top 1

1) RF - Tim Smith
2) 1B - Brett Wallace
3) 2B - Eric Sogard
4) DH - Ike Davis
5) LF - Matt Spencer
6) C - Petey Paramore
7) CF - Rocky Laguna
8) SS - Andrew Romine
9) 3B - Joe Persichina
P) Brian Flores

1:50 PM PST We're underway, about 48 minutes later than planned. Leadoff hitter Tim Smith grounds out to Drew George at third base. Interesting defensive alignment for the Beavers-- Ammon is catching, and Ogata is at first in place of Jordan Lennerton. We'll get more details on those moves as the game progresses.

1:53 PM PST Jorge Reyes fans Brett Wallace on a fast ball, then Eric Sogard hit a ball to the left of Darwin Barney which he backhanded, threw to first, and got the out. Three up, three down, and we're going to the bottom of the first.

Bottom 1

Here is OSU Head Coach Pat Casey's Lineup:

1) CF - Chris Hopkins
2) DH - Mitch Canham
3) SS - Darwin Barney
4) 1B - Jason Ogata
5) RF - Braden Wells
6) LF - Mike Lissman
7) C - Erik Ammon
8) 3B - Drew George
9) 2B - Joey Wong
P) Jorge Reyes

1:55 PM PST Chris Hopkins walks, and the leadoff man is on board. A good start....

1:57 PM PST Canham goes down on strikes, then Chris Hopkins is picked off at first by Brian Flores. Quickly we have two down, and the good start we were talking about goes down the drain.

1:59 PM PST Darwin Barney flies out to right, and that's it for the Beavers in the first.

Top 2

2:02 PM PST Ike Davis strikes out, and Jorge already has 2 strikeouts on the day. Spencer flies out to Barney, and quickly there are two outs.

2:04 PM PST Petey Paramore grounds out to Joey Wong at second, and the Sun Devils are done in the second inning.

Bottom 2

2:07 PM PST Jason Ogata struck out by Flores.

2:09 PM PST Braden Wells singles up the middle, and the Beavers have one on with one out.

2:10 PM PST Mike Lissman is hit, and the Beavers have two on with one out.

2:12 PM PST Today's catcher, Erik Ammon, flies out deep to right. Braden Wells will tag and move up to third. Runners on the corners for Drew George.

2:14 PM PST Lissman broke for second on a steal, and on ASU's catcher Petey Paramore's throw, Braden Wells broke for home, and everybody's safe. The Beavers take their first lead of the weeekend.

2:16 PM PST Drew George strikes out on a foul tip caught by the catcher, and the Beavers are done in the second. They got their first lead of the weekend in the process, however, and the Beavers are now playing from ahead.

After 2, it's Oregon State 1, Arizona State 0.

Top 3

2:18 PM PST Rocky Laguna is thrown out by Drew George on an attempted bunt single. Andrew Romine at the plate.

2:20 PM PST Romine singles under the glove of a diving Darwin Barney.

2:21 PM PST Romine steals second. The count is 1-2 for Joe Persichina.

2:23 PM PST Persichina strikes out, but the ball is dropped by OSU catcher Erik Ammon. Romie was stealing third on the play, and gets to third easily. Ammon's throw goes over Jason Ogata's head at first base, and Persichina scores from third, and the Beavers' lead was short lived.

2:24 PM PST Tim Smith hits a slow roller Wong's way, and Joey's only play is to first. Persichina will move to second, and there's two down for Brett Wallace.

2:28 PM PST Jorge Reyes blows one by Brett Wallace for strike three, and that's Wallace's second strikeout of the day. Wallace is competing for the triple crown in the Pac-10, and he's 1/10 on the weekend against Beaver pitching. Take that, big fella.

Bottom 3

2:30 PM PST It's Joey Wong then the top of the order for the Beavers. Believe it or not, Joey is one of our hottest hitters right now. According to my calculations, he's 2 for 5 on the weekend.

2:31 PM PST Make that 2 for 6, as Wong grounds out to his opposite number at second base. One down, Hopkins at the plate to be followed by Canham.

2:32 PM PST Chris Hopkins rips one to the right of ASU second baseman Erik Sogard, he backhands and throws Chris out. Sounds like the Field Turf is playing especially slow today due to the rain.

2:34 PM PST Mitch Canham strikes out, and his last appearance at Goss Stadium isn't going exactly as planned. He's 0-2 with a pair of strikeouts.

After 3, it's Oregon State 1, Arizona State 1. Top 4

2:38 PM PST Sogard singles into right, and he's hitting .545 on the series.

2:40 PM PST Ike Davis slices on to left, and Lissman won't be able to get to it. Runners on first and second with nobody out.

2:42 PM PST Matt Spencer lays down a sac bunt, and runners are on second and third with an out. The infield is at normal depth, so the Beavers are giving up a run for outs.

2:44 PM PST Petey Paramore delivers on a hit to center field, two runs will score, and now the Sun Devils have the lead, 3-1.

2:46 PM PST Rocky Laguna grounds out to Wong at second for the second out of the inning. Paramore advances to second.

2:48 PM PST Romine strikes out swinging, and the Sun Devils are done in the fourth.

Thru three and a half, it's Arizona State 3, Oregon State 1.

Bottom 4

2:50 PM PST Darwin Barney flies out to center, then Ogata grounds out to short.

2:52 PM PST Braden Wells grounds out to first base, and the inning is over.

Top 5

2:52 PM PST Persichina reaches on a poorly hit ball to Darwin Barney. They're going to charge Darwin with a error, as the throw was late.

2:53 PM PST Tim Smith lays down a bunt and advances Persichina to second. It wouldn't matter what base the runner on, however, as Brett Wallace takes the first pitch from Jorge Reyes deep into the right field grandstands. 5-1 Arizona State.

2:55 PM PST Eric Sogard reached on a ball that went under the glove of today's first baseman Jason Ogata. Thats the third error of the day for Oregon State-- the team that led the nation in fielding percentage coming into this game.

2:57 PM PST Ike Davis lifts one to right field, and Lissman makes the easy catch. That should be out three, but due to errors, the Beavers only have two down.

3:00 PM PST With a 3-2 count to Matt Spencer, Ogata vacates first base, since the runner will go automatically. Reyes turns and throws to nobody, and that's the third error of the inning for the Beavers. Sogard moves up to second on the error.

3:06 PM PST After an insanely long at bat, Spencer walks, and the Beavers are going to their bullpen for Blake Keitzman.

3:13 PM PST After Keitzman took the count to 0-2 against ASU catcher Petey Paramore, three straight balls made it 3-2. Paramore finally walks, and the bases loaded for Rocky Laguna.

3:14 PM PST Blake Keitzman throws a wild pitch, and Erik Sogard scores from third.

3:15 PM PST Keitzman walks Rocky Laguna, and now the bases are re-loaded. That's three consecutive walks for the Beavers.

3:17 PM PST Romine forces a full count, then laces one to left for a 2-RBI single. The Sun Devils lead is now 7.

3:19 PM PST Beavers going to their bullpen, and Daniel Turpen is coming on in relief.

3:23PM PST Joe Persichina grounds out to Wong at second, and the inning is FINALLY over. The Sun Devils got five runs on only two hits, but one of those hits was the Brett Wallace home run.

Thru four and a half, it's Arizona State 8, Oregon State 1

Bottom 5

3:24 PM PST Down seven runs, it will be Mike Lissman, Erik Ammon, and Drew George.

3:28 PM PST Mike Lissman walks, and there's one on with no outs for Erik Ammon.

3:30 PM PST Erik Ammon hit a line drive to right, and the diving catch was made by ASU right fielder Tim Smith. One down, one on, for Drew George.

3:32 PM PST Flores walks his second batter of the inning, Drew George, and we've got two on, one out, Wong at the plate.

3:34 PM PST Wong grounds out, then Hopkins flies out to right, leaving two stranded.

Top 6

3:34 PM PST Tim Smith led off the inning for the Sun Devils with a base hit to center field, then Brett Wallace followed up with a base hit of his own. 3:37 PM PST Erik Sogard grounded into a 4-6-3 double play, and thanks to Joey Wong, there are two down with one on.

3:39 PM PST Ike Davis grounded out to Joey Wong, and that's it for the Sun Devils in the sixth.

Bottom 6

3:42 PM PST Canham continues to struggle, and he flies out to left. He's 0-3 in his Corvallis finale.

3:45 PM PST Darwin Barney grounds out to second base. He's also 0-3 in what likely will be his final game in Corvallis as well.

3:48 PM PST Ogata grounds out to third, and the Beavers are done in the sixth.

Top 7

3:50 PM PST Matt Spencer grounds out to Joey Wong, one out.

3:52 PM PST Petey Paramore hits a shot to Drew George at third. He comes up with it, fires it across the diamond, and Ogata scoops for the second out of the inning.

3:55 PM PST Rocky Laguna hits on sharply to Drew at third, he makes the catch on the line drive, and the inning is over. The Beavers are getting the pitching and now the defense in these last few innings. Where are the BATS? Work your magic, DeMarini.

Bottom 7

3:59 PM PST Braden Wells flies out to the shortstop who was in shallow center field for the first out.

4:03 PM PST Mike Lissman pops one up, and the Beavers are dropping like flies. Ammon at the plate.

4:04 PM PST Ammon grounds out, and it feels like that inning took two seconds.

Top 8

4:08 PM PST Big Eddie will come on in relief, just trying to keep the ASU damage where it is.

4:09 PM PST Romine is out on a ball fielded by Jason Ogata, then flipped to Eddie covering the base. Parker thinks he beat out the throw, but the Beavers will take it.<> 4:11 PM PST Joe Persichina reaches on an error by Darwin Barney. Both of Darwin's errors thus far have been on balls bit by Persichina.

4:12 PM PST Tim Smith hit a ball to Joey Wong at second that should have been turned for an inning inning double play, but Darwin Barney threw the ball into the bleachers, his second error of the inning, and third of the day.

4:13 PM PST Wallace grounds out to Wong, and the inning is over. Nothing across for the Sun Devils in the eighth.

Bottom 8

4:15 PM PST Drew George flies out to right, and the last nine batters have gone down in order. Only one hit on the day for the Beavers, and that was by Braden Wells in the second. He later scored on a double steal.

4:17 PM PST Wong hits a dribble right back to the pitcher, and there are two down.

4:17 PM PST Chris Hopkins is retired, and the inning is over. Eleven down in order for the Sun Devils, and we're headed for the ninth.

Top 9

4:22 PM PST Erik Sogard hits one out to center, and Chris Hopkins makes a diving catch to retire the Sun Devil second baseman.

4:23 PM PST Ike Davis hits one to Joey Wong, and two down for Matt Spencer.

4:25 PM PST Matt Spencer singles up the middle, and the Sun Devils stay alive in the ninth.

4:26 PM PST Petey Paramore grounded out back to Eddie, and the inning is over.

Top 9

4:27 PM PST For one last time at Goss Stadium, Mitch Canham and Darwin Barney are due up in the bottom of the ninth, two of the biggest names in recent OSU baseball history. 4:29 PM PST In his last at-bat at Goss Stadium, Mitch strikes out swinging for the third time today.

4:31 PM PST Darwin Barney also strikes out, and that's three straight K's for Brian Flores. 4:32 PM PST Jason Ogata goes down on strikes as well, and thats four consecutive strikeouts by Arizona State pitcher Brain Flores.

Final: Arizona State 8, Oregon State 1

Game Recap coming later.....

Note: Live game updates are composed using Live Stats on OSU and the radio broadcast of the game called by Mike Parker on AM 1360 in the Portland area.